Can I use my own motorcycle for CBT?

Yes, however on the assumption you don’t yet have a certification you cannot ride it to the training grounds. It also must be taxed, insured and have an up to date MOT.

What type of motorcycle will I be able to ride after completing CBT?

Age 16 – Mopeds up to 50cc and must have L plates.
Age 17 – Light motorcycle up to 125CC and must have L plates.

Do I need to take Theory Test before CBT?

No – You dont need this for the CBT. You only need to take a theory test before taking your full motorcycle licence.

I passed my car theory test, do I need to take another theory test for my motorcycle licence?

Yes  – you must take the motorcycle theory test.

 I have passed a full car licence – what are my options?

If you acquired a full car licence before 1st February 2001 – No CBT required to ride a moped. Anythiing over 50CC however will require a CBT.
If you acquired a full car licence after 1st February 2001 – CBT required for all motorcycles/mopeds and scooters.

Can I carry pillion passengers after completing CBT?

No – you cannot carry pillion passengers until you have passed your full motorcycle licence test.

Can I ride on motorways after taking my CBT?

No – you cannot ride on motorways until you have passed your full motorcycle licence test.

Do I need Learner plates?

If you are riding on a provisional licence / CBT, you must display L plates at all times.

How long is CBT certificate valid for?

2 years



I passed my CBT on a moped at age 16 – can I ride a 125CC when I reach 17?

Yes – However if you are moving to a geared but additional training is advised but not mandatory.

Is CBT a test?

No – it is a training course designed to teach you how to ride to a safe standard on the road.

What happens if I dont complete CBT in one day ?

Don’t worry, CBT is not a test – It is unlikely you will not complete the training however if this is the case you will be invited back to do further training. Only when your instructor is happy that you are safe to ride on the road unaccompanied will you be given your certificate. Resits at Quickstart Mailine are priced at 65 pounds.

Can I use a European licence to take CBT?

No – you will need to apply or exchange it for a UK licence.