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compulsory basic training


Compulsory Basic Training is the foundation course on which all our students begin the acquisition of skills which can lead to becoming competent, safe riders. Upon completion, you will gain a DL196 certificate and will legally be able to ride as a learner.

Our CBT is a one day course that starts at 8:45am. Throughout the morning you will be taught elements of the highway Code and also will be given guidance on what clothing you should and shouldn’t be wearing. During the rest of the day you will be taught all aspects of motorcycling before going out on the road with one of our qualified instructors.Once you have successfully completed your CBT, you will receive a CBT Certificate which is valid for two years

Any CBT revisits are £65. Should you need further training to complete your CBT certificate, we can offer a revisit course to ensure you are competent and safe as a motorcyclist.

With a CBT under your belt, at 16 years of age you may then be able to ride up to a 50cc moped that is restricted to a maximum speed of roughly 30mph, at 17+ years of age you may then ride up to 125cc / 15bhp max motorcycle or scooter. There are some restrictions that come with a CBT: You must not at any time carry a passenger on your motorcycle or scooter, you will not have use of motorways, you are not permitted to tow a trailer, and you cannot ride outside of the UK. You must display Learner plates on the front and rear or motorcycle or scooter.

If you have passed your car test before 1st February 2001 you are automatically entitled to ride a 50cc moped without needing a CBT or having to display Learner plates. It is recommended however that you complete a CBT if you have no riding experience.

do i need a cbt?

Licenses Summary

If you hold a Provisional UK Licence, a CBT is required to ride 50cc and up to 125cc

If you hold a Full UK Car Licence passed after 1st February 2001, a CBT is required to ride 50cc and up to 125cc.

If you hold a Full UK Car Licence passed before 1st February 2001, a CBT not required for 50cc | CBT is required for over 50cc up to 125cc.

If you want to ride a motorcycle over 125cc, please take a look at our Restricted Access (‘A2’) course or full Direct Access (‘A’).

What To Expect

Do not think of the CBT as a test, it is a course that shows you have satisfactory competence as a rider.

Remember to bring your UK licence or E.U licence with D91, dress appropriately as your course may not be able to go ahead if you are wearing inappropriate clothes, also make sure your eyesight is legal to ride and you have topical knowledge of the Highway Code.

the 6 stages to your cbt


1. Introduction

2. Practical training on-site

3. Practical riding on-site

4. Practical training on-road

5. Practical riding on-road

6. Course completion


You will only move on to the next element in the course structure once your instructor is satisfied that you show theoretical knowledge and practical capability. By law, trainees must receive at least two hours practical riding on-road.

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